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Wenjie Cao
Wenjie Cao
Leader of Chromatography and Wet Chemistry Lab, Chemistry
SABIC Technology Center at Riyadh
Saudi Arabia

Received Ph.D., in 1998, from Professor John Calvin Giddings’ group at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. Ph.D. research was on Polymer Characterization by Thermal Field-Flow Fractionation and FFF Universal Calibration. Contributor to the book of the Encyclopedia of Chromatography and more than 40 publications, patent filings, and keynote speech presentations for international conferences and symposiums. The editorial board member of a few journals and the keynote speaker for a few international symposiums on LC-MS/MS and polyolefin characterization by GPC/SEC, TREF, CEF, FFF. Before Ph.D., worked as a chemical engineer in polyolefin catalysis for SINOPEC for 7 years. After Ph.D., had first worked for Huntsman Polymers Corp, Sealed Air Corp, and DuPont for 20 years in USA before joined SABIC Technology Center in 2012. Since joined SABIC, has filed six patents with other SBUs and one has been published by the World Intellectual Property Organization in 1996. Received the 2014 SABIC T&I General Manager’s Innovation Trophy, and four Certificate of Appreciation from management.

Research Interest

Research and technical interests: • Sensitivity demanding, ppb and ppt level, toxic or carcinogen chemical analysis by ESI, APCI, APPI, HPLC-MS/MS, and GC-MS. • Polymer characterization by TREF/CEF/CRYSTAF, GPC/SEC and FFF. • Advanced material characterization by TGA-GC-MS, IsoSorp, HS-GC-MS. • Collaboration with Universities, local schools and community.

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