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Yong-Xi Li
Yong-Xi Li
Executive Director at Medpace Bioanalytical Laboratories , Bioanalyticals
Medpace Bioanalytical Laboratories

Yong-Xi Li has completed his Postdoctoral trainings at Kansas State University, Cornell University, USA. Currently he is Executive Director at Medpace Bioanalytical Laboratories after he served as vice presidents at XenoBiotic Labs and Ricerca Bioscience. His experiences are focusing on bioanalysis: TK, PK, ADA, Nab (and Cell base Nab), PD markers including method developments, validations, sample analysis for small molecule, protein and antibody therapies. He and his group developed many such applications by using LC-MS/MS and immunoassays (ELISA, ECL and Flow cytometry......). He is author, co-author of more than 150 papers, book, presentations in reputed journals, and conferences. He is also serving as an organizing committee member for one of biotech conferences.

Research Interest

Proteomics, Mass Spectrometry

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